benefits of meditation

The multitude of profound benfits of meditation have been known in the ancient eastern cultures for thousands of years, and are experienced by millions of practitioners around the world. 


In addition to this, there is also an increasingly large and well established body of research that gives additional insight into the many benefits of meditation and mindfulness practices. 

a personal perspective

In my own life, meditation and my ongoing exploration of my inner dimension has quite simply made my life better. It provide a variety of benefits, almost too many to mention. Cultivating moment to moment awareness has helped me to get in contact with a deep space of inner peace inside myself.

Some of the benefits that I have experienced include: increased energy levels, stress reduction, better sleep, improved relationships, improved physical health, becoming more joyful, increased inner strength, the ability to deal with emotions better, becoming aware of and changing destructive patterns, a more positive outlook on life, discovering a  space of inner peace, becoming more loving and open hearted, reduction in chronic physical tensions, breathing deeper and feeling more alive, stop living in the past, contacting my heart and learning to follow it, healing of old wounds from the past, reduction in psychosomatic illnesses.

The changes I've experienced in myself and my perception touch on every aspect of my life. For me what meditation really gives me is a deepening and enriching of the experience of being alive, altering my experience at the most fundamental and basic level. 

Increases immune function
Decreases pain
Decreases inflammation
Increases positive emotion
Decreases depression
Decreases anxiety
Decreases stress
Increases emotional intelligence
Increases compassion
Decreases feelings of loneliness
Increases focus and attention
Improves ability to multitask
improves memory
Increases creativity and ability to think outside the box
Increases grey matter
Increases cortical thickness in area related to attention
Increased volume in areas relating to emotional regulation and self control
self awareness
Improves emotional regulation
Improves ability to introspect
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